What is Locobay?

A digital marketplace which anyone can buy & sell downloads.

How much will I get from each sale?

You’ll get 95% of each sale instantly direct to your PayPal account.

How to sell?

Simply register from “Start Selling” button, on  Dashboard page, click “Add Product” tab, fill in all information then click “Submit”. The submitted files have to be reviewed by Locobay before listing.

What can I sell?

Any files which you made by yourself or you have the rights to sell it legally. It could be music, photos, e-books and etc. If you can’t find the right category for your file then you may put them on Misc category, or you may request a new category on Contact Us page

How about pricing?

There will be only 5% commission take from each sale. That means you’ll get 95% on each sale and pay nothing! no monthly fees, no other hiding fees!

I’m not happy with the file, can I get my money back?

Since all transactions will be processed immediately by PayPal. Your money will go directly to the seller. The best way for this matter, ask for a refund from the seller (go to product page then click on the author). If there are any problems, let us know then we’ll find a solution to make the buyer and seller happy. If the seller ignored you for 5 business days, we’ll consider to give a punishment to the seller.

Maximum upload file size for my product?

For now, maximum upload size is 50 MB.